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Tami Scalise/Halton Memories❤️ June 22, 2016
Tami Scalise/Halton More video June 22, 2016
Tami Scalise/Halton One of my memorial videos June 22, 2016
Lori Meitzen To Joey December 14, 2014
Angel (((((((((Joey)))))))  My heart is so very broken for your Mom who loves and misses you SOOOOOOOO MUCH and if I could only turn back the hands of time and have you back in her arms again how happy that would be for both of you

Your Mama's heart will never heal but will continue to flourish with everlasting love for you..  I know your Mom's pain all too well having lost my own son ((((((((Tommy))))))) who you may have met.  The two of you would really like each other!

Joey, can u please send a comforting hug to your Mom's heart?  She needs that!

Sending you love heavenbound..... 
Mom Missing you December 14, 2014
CHRISTMAS is almost here, it hasn't been the same since you left...I miss the excitement you always had, even as you grew, you still loved CHRISTMAS. I love you 
Mom I love you June 10, 2014
It will be 5 years soon, but feels like yesterday. I miss you so much Joey.  

mom 2 Waylon Kitchens angelversary June 22, 2010

Joey Scalise

Forever Loved and Missed

Mom My Boy May 7, 2010

I cant even begin to explain the saddness to those that have not lost, how I feel, as this first mothers day is coming without my Son, How do you explain to your remaining children that you dont feel like celebrating? I just want to plant my garden and keep hanging windchimes on the tree until it is so full of them that the branches hang.... They are my sounds of sorrow, each ring is my heart breaking... I love you Joseph Anthony Scalise and I miss you, each day that passes is one day closer to you...

Mom to Angel Justin Lindley Thinking of You on Mother's Day! May 7, 2010

A Mother's Prayer

Lord, today is Mother's Day, but my heart is split in two.

Half is with the child still here,

The other with the child that is now there with you.

All the lovely presents are a nice surprise,

But the one thing I want most is missing,

And tears fill my eyes.

I know when you sent him, Lord,

You didn't promise how long he would stay.

All you said was to love him and treasure each and every day.

But Lord, it crushed my heart when you called for his return.

I feel like half a Mom, as I ache, weep and yearn.

But Lord, tell him I love him just as much as I did before.

And could you please make a window,

so he can see through heaven's door ?

Let him see that he is missed and thought of with each breath.

And that a Mother's love begins before life, and does not end with death.

So, on this Mother's Day, the Greatest Gift, I give to you.

For Lord, I know you missed him and you loved him, too.

                                        -Author Unknown-

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